Maghalie has been riding bikes all her life, taking part in mountain bike races and triathlons with her dad from the age of eight. When she discovered cyclocross, her passion - which she calls Fever - for this sport was stronger than what she had ever felt before so she decided to dedicate herself to that discipline. Having fun and seeking ways to better herself through cycling - on any kind of bike or surface - has always been what drove Maghalie. Nowadays, as she travels the world to compete, her love fo the sport and for this pursuit of excellence is stronger than ever!


The Elevate-Webiplex Pro Cycling Team won over 50 races in 2019 and finished the season the top ranked team on the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour. The 2021 season goal was to again take the top spot on the USA Cycling Pro Road Tour as well as be a strong force in the UCI Asia Tour.

The 2021 roster consists of 10 athletes from Canada, Mexico and the USA. The team boasts a strong sprint arsenal with veteran Eric Young, Fabrizio Von Nacher, Sam Bassetti, Alfredo Rodgriguez and Gavin Hoover. Canadian duo, Jordan and Adam, will lead the team for the overall classification battles in the stage races.


Syd and Macky are a couple of professional mountain bike racers who live in a van and travel the country (and the world) in search of the best mountain bike races. They race a variety of events, everything from gravel and cross-country to enduro and downhill, and their main criteria is the race vibe, not the race type, with a focus on unique, fun, epic events.

Make sure to check out their YouTube channel where they share a behind-the-scenes look at what it's really like to be professional mountain bike racers -- what it's like to live on the road, ride your bike for a living and travel the world in search of the best races -- as well lots of things you should (and shouldn't) do if you're interested in doing a mountain bike race. They share their great days, their gnarly crashes and just about everything in between.


Stefano Barberi is a Brazilian/American Professional cyclist. Stefano started competing in mountain biking in 1992 at the age of 8, turned PRO in 2003, before making a switch to Road racing fulltime for the next 14 season. In 2018 Stefano started his own Privateer program with support from companies of his choice in which he BELIEVES in, and got back to his roots racing Mountain Bikes and Gravel Bikes. Stefano is a multi time, multi State Champion (Florida Crit, and mtb, Colorado Road, and California Road and Crit), UCI, NRC, NUE, race winner. In 2021, Stefano will be competing throughout the USA aiming for the win at most of the more prestigious MTB and Gravel races, using XPEDO Pedals.


The CarpeDiem Racing Team is comprised of husband and wife teammates, Robert and Philicia Marion. Otherwise known as #grittygirlandthebeard, the duo race in the professional ranks of both Mountain Bike and Cyclocross. Based in North Carolina, they travel all across the United States, racing and spreading positivity wherever they go. Outside of racing, Robert owns Cycleworks Performance Bike Shop, where he loves to share his passion for cycling with others and help them get the right equipment to enjoy riding and racing at any level. Philicia works at a skilled nursing facility as a Care Plan Nurse. The duo also enjoys riding and racing dirtbikes.