What is a bike without pedals? Think back to the moment when everything came together as one. Rolling through the air in perfect balance, every pedal stroke propelling life into your first ride. At Xpedo, we understand the moment when things come together. This is why pedals are Xpedo's pure focus. Independent from one another, they complete the bicycle. With Xpedo, you move forward.

Born from passion and innovation amongst family at the worlds largest pedal manufacturer, Xpedo has tested and proved pedals for over 30 years. Whether sprinting to the finish line, launching big air, commuting to work, or railing sweet single track, Xpedo makes pedals for every rider.

If it's pedals you're looking for, Xpedo has you covered. Our designs come from precision manufacturing and a passion for cycling, bringing you a product that shows attention to detail without cutting corners. We continually improve and test at the highest standards in order to make your riding experience second to none.

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